Visualization studio Wombat Studio

We have been creating a number of explaining video clips to help tell you the main thing  about your business in a matter of 1 minute so that it could be understood even by a layman.

Since 2017, we have been making presentations for commercial, image-building and reporting purposes. In a year, we have made 93 presentations that help to win a round of applause with any kind of audience, and effectively tell the essence of your company to serious (and not only) people as well as to find new clients. On having received our commercial offers made for you,  so called “cold clients’ will ring you up again and again.  

Among clients whom we helped to become more interesting are:LOMO, Invitro, IBM and more 74 companies from 23 sectors of business: medicine, technologies, elite real estate, banks, start-ups, children's camps and schools. There is every likelihood  that we have cases that you will be interested in.  

Write to us and we will help your business to become more interesting!

CEO: Oleg Vasilyev

Phone: +7 (981) 860 60 63


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