Video production ART CREATORS

For several years, my colleagues and I have been producing video clips.

We produce commercial reels, figural and food shootings, musical clips, experimental videos. Corporate films are flagships of our agency.

I say without kidding that we are approaching the highest level! A step-by-step increase in budgets, complexity and quality allowed us to closely come to the cinema’s standards.

At present, the agency can impress you with working on projects for Rosneft and Microsoft.

Unfortunately, however, we have to sacrifice small projects in favour of complex projects which require an exclusive attention on the part of the business processes and the team.

To have a videographer who comes and very quickly shoots something and then goes home to edit some picture  on his notebook is not our option.  

According to our future plans, we are going to again and again improve quality of video clips so as to achieve a really top production. And for the future… Either to go to the big cinema or to be a full-cycle advertising agency. By the way, we are preparing a movie-reel for The Exporter of the Year 2017 Prize saying about top graduates from the First St. Petersburg business incubator. And we like it!

CEO: Kirill Borisov

Phone: +7 812 40 99 678


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