Systems for industrial and counter-terror security Meteospetspribor

The history of Meteospetspribor comes back to the past of St.Petersburg then governed by Anatoly Sobchak. In 1993, the chief engineer of Electron-Standard  Experimental establishment  together with a governmental delegation flied to Vienna to adopt the best practices in supporting small business and to get acquainted with innovation projects in that field.They got acquainted and adopted the practice and came back to Russia in the hope of introducing this European approach and . . . .went on developing and producing  devices and systems for anti-fire and counter-terror  security.

Window to Europe.

In1996, Electron-Standard won a big tender on producing  exhaust gas analyzers , and a team of engineers and scientists flew to France to control the process. To a large extent, this European experience helped the future Meteospetspribor, based on its own ideas, to put into life high-quality products both in terms of design and of hardware components.

Business incubator.

In 2007,  Yemelyan Mikhailovich Gamarts put forward an idea of creating proper production of up-to-date  high-precision instruments and systems for industrial and counter-terror  security. Having rich experience and knowledge in developing the most complicated equipment and a plenty of ideas, the Meteospetspribor company was registered in 2008. Amid the economic crisis, its engineers quickly understood that they could not survive under the then existing market conditions without the State support.

We were literally  saved by the First St. Petersburg business incubator, - says Yemelyan Mikhailovich. A reduced rate  for rent, free-of-charge accounting services, and legal support became a real  Christmas gift.  Of importance for us was the participation in exhibitions where we had an opportunity of presenting our projects to first officials of the city and the country.   

The  Meteospetspribor company was a recipient of the whole programme for State support to small business and spent three happy years (according to their own words) with the First St. Petersburg business incubator.

As of now, the graduates have transformed into a Group of Meteospetspribor  companies with the annual turnover of over 10 mln.roubles. One of the first graduates is engaged in the development and batch production of up-to-date  high-precision instruments and systems for industrial, anti-fire, ecological and counter-terror  security. Among them are immovable and portable  gas analyzers for toxic and explosion-dangerous gases, noise-proof  optical flame detectors, express detectors for explosive, toxic and addictive substances.  

Among the clients of Meteospetspribor  are   “Gasprom”,  “Trasneft”, “Rosatom”, “Lukoil”, “Surgutneftegas”.   A portable express detector   is installed at the Pulkovo international aeroport in St.Petersburg.

Since 2011, the Group of Meteospetspribor companies has been located at the Crystal business centre next to the First St. Petersburg business incubator  and actively participates in measures on maintaining the infrastructure aimed at supporting  business undertakings in St.Petersburg.

CEO: Yemelyan Gamarts

Phone: +7(812) 702-07-39


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