Renata Kikhler Fashion House

I am sure that you must have seen beautiful and fashionable  people on the streets of St.Petersburg!

Perhaps, one of them is wearing clothes made by me!

All my life, I have been living with an idea that each human being is unique.  As a creative person I have chosen to express this idea with the aid of clothes made to measure. I began tailoring  10 years ago.  

In 2013 -2014, I took a learning  course at the Vyacheslav Zaitsev’s  Fashion Laboratory. In 2014, a debut of Renata Kikhler  brand took place.

And an incredible thing happened!

Orders, competitions, presentations, events and people who followed  each other in quick succession. It is a big time to feel that you are doing something important by providing people with clothes that are inherent in THEM.

It is doubly essential to see and hear acknowledgements from satisfied customers!

It is worth noting that, during its activities, my company has been participating  in such competitions and events as Mercedes Benz fashion days in St.Petersburg, The best by profession, FASHION and others.

At present, we cooperate with show rooms of St.Petersburg and create new collections, and this is only the beginning…

CEO: Renata Kikhler

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