Remote dispatching control panels ADAL

We offer our clients fully ready engineering solutions in the field of industrial and home automation suitable for large-scale networking with interconnected devices.

Our policy is oriented towards high profile customers in the sphere of housing and communal services and towards householders. This cloud service provides the monitoring  of a great deal of facilities on a real-time basis, data management and analytics, and user communication.

The cloud service is able, on an automatic basis, to analyse data, to calculate the utility infrastructure  economy, and to control the equipment.

At present, we are gathering data from already connected systems for analysing the possibilities of building a mathematical model  of how a specific real facility works. This will make it possible, on an automatic basis, to remotely estimate the heat and power consumption and to perform a change in equipment operation.

Among our clients are such companies as Sberbank, Russian standard,  MVideo, and Kirov Tyre Plant.

CEO: Aleksandr Borisov

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