“Promdisain” Limited Liability Company

“Promdisain” Limited Liability Company renders services in the area of industrial design and offers product development from design drawings up to the market stall. Its staff includes designers, engineers and consultants. The company offers special integrated solutions. Its vast experience and expertise in designing furniture, lighting equipment and electric devices is used for batch production or for manufacturing of complex individual products. The company designs projects with account for individual character of each manufacture including its capacity, equipment, human factor and development prospects. It provides a thorough preliminary analysis of the area and the region, technologies, trends, competitors and the demand. Furthermore, the company provides the “face” of the product for market launch: branding, printing, advertising, etc.

CEO: Veredyuk Yuriy

Phone: +7 (981) 710 16 65; +7 (981) 896 50 36

Address: 37 Sedova St. 192148 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Office: 802

E-mail: info@prom.design

The website: prom.design