Polosa Chastot

You may have my guarantee that each of you has faced the problem of bad mobile communication regardless of operators. One day I decided to stop being tolerant of this situation and arrived at a solution. The engineer’s diploma and experience in designing equipment for atomic power stations made their presence felt.

As it turned out, additional equipment for cellular signal amplification

could be installed (at that moment) only by cellular service operators. However, since December 2012, the situation changed and such equipment was allowed to be privately installed.

In the first place, I addressed the problem of mobile communication at my home, then at homes of my relatives and acquaintances. In such a manner, an idea appeared of creating a business in this field.

The Polosa Chastot company  was opened in December 2013. I invested around 500 thousand roubles from my own funds into this project.

Now the company is developing compact capsular packages for a self-contained unit designed for a great number of typical versions that are in demand in the market, with these packages being provided with detailed instructions on how to install our system.

Thanks to rich experience and knowledge in this field, we receive  acknowledges from people who made use of our services or were able to independently install our system according to our recommendations.

Among our clients are CJSC  PA “Renascence“, LLC “Mavis”, LLC “Petersburg construction company”, CJSC “Tikhvin complex timber industry enterprise”,  CJSC “Kamenogorsk  non-metallic  integrated plant”, the retail chain LLC “Velodrive”, the clinics of  Osteomed.

We are happy to be useful to private persons as well. We’ll do our best for you to be heard!

CEO: Aleksandr Vasilyev

Phone: 8 (812) 99-22-907

E-mail: info+238382@spb-repiter.ru

The website: spb-repiter.ru