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Make it louder!

At proper time, I had been a musician, played the piano and clarinet, lived  a life of a creative man in its entirety.

My experience has shown that musicians are on the weakest side in business, while the client does not always understand what he/she pays for.

Later on, I chose the way of entrepreneurship. At the same time I could not ignore music. On having assessed the market opportunities on the both sides, I have decided to create a nearly perfect system of interaction among producers, agents and musicians.

Within our company, such a system makes it possible for musicians of various genres to appear on stage during some events and at various concert venues of the city, to grow professionally, and to do business.

Not only we work with fulfilled musicians, but also with our future, the  younger generation.

An interactive programme KIDS has been especially worked out for children to help us introduce children to the world of different musical instruments and styles. They are learned to play the brass , the strings, and the drums.  The KIDS programme will be implemented in kindergardens and schools of  St. Petersburg.

We are only at the start, but we have already developed 13 areas of the company’s activity.  

The musical market is large and interesting. We are aiming at creating a musical label with our own production, at producing artists, and at doing concert business on a global basis.

CEO: Mikhail Yeremeyevsky

Phone: +7 (812) 603-47-07


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