Loyalty Plant - MarCom Platform

In 2006, during my schoolyears, I won the USA-based contest “Intel ISEF”, then I was invited to join Motorola. On having worked with Motorola  for 3 years, I realized that I wanted to set my sights on something greater, I wanted to change this world!

I suppose this idea must have come to my mind when I was putting yet another promoter’s leaflet into a litter-basket. At that moment, I thought of a possibility to do so that people could get only such information on companies that they are interested in, sign on to news and shares, and pick up awards for being loyal to certain brands.

In addition, the companies, in their turn, could take into account preferences of a given person and forge long-term relations with their clientele.

So in 2011, Loyalty Plant made its appearance who at a later stage was on board with the State-backed entrepreneurship support programme and graduated from the First St. Petersburg business incubator.

We have had a chance to raise investment, and in 2016, we entered the US market under the brand of Loyalty Plant.

And at present, Loyalty Plant is an international company with two headquarters – one in St. Petersburg and one in New York— and six representational offices in Europe and CIS countries. We have been developing applications for KFC, Pizza Hut, Hooters, Taste ABC, Perfect Cup, AnyPasta, Cinnabon, Coffee  House and others.

It took some doing, but we have taught the business community how to return and retain customers by effectively awarding and emotionally involving them in making connections and building up relations with our brand.

CEO: Vasily Dyachenko

Phone: 8 (800) 333-21-33

E-mail: sales@loyaltyplant.com

The website: loyaltyplant.com