Intellectual call-centre Pozvonochniy

This is a story about our company, about how we fend off spamming and look after the final client, a person  on the other end of the line whose ears are the subject of our concern so as to keep them away from phone calls producing negative emotions.  

Each of us faces such permanent troublesome calls offering “the best bargain”. The very word “robot” evokes negative associations in people because many companies force their services and goods.

But we are different! We have gained insight into this problem and created a first-class intellectual call-centre with the automatic voice recognition.

Not only work we for profit-making , but also for public benefit. There is an agreement between our call-centre and the St.Petersburg‘s government  in case of emergency situations. Let’s work together, guys!

We do not sell technologies, but we render a service on looking after final clients.  We have gained a victory at an expert-investment session in the framework of the St. Petersburg  international innovation forum 2017. Hurrah!!

CEO: Aleksandr Yesenin

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