“G-Derm” Limited Liability Company

“G-Derm” Limited Liability Company is a Russian innovation company specializing in research, development and production of bioplastic materials for regenerative medicine and cosmetology. Thanks to an original technological solution, we were able to isolate a unique peptide complex and to structure a macromolecule of hyaluronic acid. Thus new physiologically active materials for cosmetology and production samples of the second generation of bioskin “G-DERM”, a histoequivalent of bioplastic material, were created. This material is used for plastic repair of external (skin) and internal (mucosal linings) tissue defects arising due to various reasons (injuries, burns, trophic disturbances, gastro-duodental sores, etc.).

CEO: Armen Sarkisyan

Phone: +7 (812) 309-11-74

Address: 37 Sedova St. 192148 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Office: 102,103

E-mail: info@g-groupp.ru

The website: g-derm.ru