EICHWALD Wooden Eyewear

My project is with the manufacture of spectacle frames and sunglasses  out of wood.

The basic material to manufacture spectacle frames  is natural wood veneer of different wood species, including  those of premium variety.

As of today, EICHWALD  company can offer 20 basic models of spectacles.  

The manufacturing process  comprises a step-by-step  manual handling  of initial material, resulting  in the end product  – a wood spectacle frame. The ratio of  mechanized processing  and hand work is 10% to 90%, i.e. 90% are with hand work done by a master and 10% are with a milling process  that provides 100% symmetry and removes defects of hand work at this stage of production.  

The process of manufacturing  spectacle frames requires at least 49 in-process steps ! That’s why I practically live in the business incubator. Indeed, I do.

There are not yet manufacturers in the territory of Russia who produce spectacle frames identical to those made by EICHWALD.  Similar types of products are manufactured only by several companies in Europe.

The EICHWALD spectacle frames  meet all quality standards, including GOST. They are furnished with joint-hinges made from special alloys so as to provide a high functionality.

In the year of ecology in Russia, let me say a couple of words about  ecology. These spectacle frames made of natural wood are covered only with natural oils and waxes of natural origin. To create the spectacle frames, I make use of wood (veneer) of various species - butter nut, ash, oak, maple, wenge, eben, palisander, zebrano,  birch.

I feel like believing that beauty will save the world, and I shall work for it.

CEO: Artem Eichwald

Phone: +7 (950)-047-45-48

Address: 37 Sedova St. 192148 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

E-mail: art.wald@mail.ru 

The website: https://vk.com/eichwald_design