Digitization technology for masterpieces of art HDA

Our team has worked out a technology that has made a breakthrough in the sphere of art. This is a high precision digitization to masterpieces of art without glistening  and shades. At the moment, we are co-operating with the Hermitage and digitizing paintings, icons, metal handicrafts, and precious gems.

Our technology makes it possible to establish whether a painting is original or a skillful forgery. The imagery obtained  is also suited for scientific research and restoration work.

The Google has taken interest in our technology. Now we are in the process of negotiation with the Tretyakov Gallery.

CEO: Aleksey Kulikov

Phone: 7 (911) 920-12-11

Address: 37 Sedova St. 192148 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

E-mail: 9201211@gmail.com

The website: hda-project.com