BRENSTONE - Manufacture of articles from artificial stone

Is it possible to be in step with the times and at the same time to remain staunchly conservative, particularly when it comes to items made of  quartz sinter, acrylic stone or large-format ceramics?

Our team succeeded to have done it: we put aside heavy-duty machine tools, restore hand-labour, and work in an off-the-format manner –we merely do not know what a fatigue is.

In spite of our refusal from costly and effective equipment, we, on a par with large companies, complete large-check orders and are able to compete with many designers in terms of creative approach.

Over first working months, our company’s turnover was in the region of  5 mln.roubles, with large orders coming to us every month. This helped widen our production scope and develop our company.

CEO: Yulia Orujeva

Phone: +7 (812) 309-19-32

Address: 37 Sedova St. 192148 Saint-Petersburg, Russia


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