Our residents and graduates

 Loyalty Plant - MarCom Platform
Loyalty Plant - MarCom Platform

In 2006, during my schoolyears, I won the USA-based contest “Intel ISEF”, then I was invited to join Motorola. On having worked with Motorola  for 3 years, I realized that I wanted to set my sights on something greater, I wanted to change this world!

I suppose this idea must have come to my mind when I was putting yet another promoter’s leaflet into a litter-basket. At that moment, I thought of a possibility to do so that people could get only such information on companies that they are interested in, sign on to news and shares, and pick up awards for being loyal to certain brands.

In addition, the companies, in their turn, could take into account preferences of a given person and forge long-term relations with their clientele.

So in 2011, Loyalty Plant made its appearance who at a later stage was on board with the State-backed entrepreneurship support programme and graduated from the First St. Petersburg business incubator.

We have had a chance to raise investment, and in 2016, we entered the US market under the brand of Loyalty Plant.

And at present, Loyalty Plant is an international company with two headquarters – one in St. Petersburg and one in New York— and six representational offices in Europe and CIS countries. We have been developing applications for KFC, Pizza Hut, Hooters, Taste ABC, Perfect Cup, AnyPasta, Cinnabon, Coffee  House and others.

It took some doing, but we have taught the business community how to return and retain customers by effectively awarding and emotionally involving them in making connections and building up relations with our brand.

Vibro Laser - Precision Laser Alignment
Vibro Laser - Precision Laser Alignment

Without false modesty, we are young  dynamic experts in diagnostic equipment and innovators of export in St.Petersburg.

While you are at work, our partners in Russia deliver the Vibro-laser  equipmet to large companies. And when you are sleeping our distributors halfway around the world familiarize foreign corporations with the Vibro-Laser product and have sales successes. How comes it? It’s because of a really unique performance of our laser-beam digitization.

In a matter of a year of work, we have introduced the Vibro-Laser equipment into the markets of the USA, China, India, Europe, South America, and Australia. Indeed, we are able to digitize kangaroos so as to export them to Kenya. All kidding aside!

You are free to disbelieve it, but we have an order on using  our product in the latest project of the Google. How is it? It’s because we are OK!

At the September exhibition “NEVA 2017”, we set an absolute record on  speed sale: we sold the system in 5 minutes after making our appearance at this event.

Georgy Sergeyevich *, when encountering  Vibro-Laser products, comes to our chief technical officer with the words: “And we are already acquainted with you”.  It’s great to be an innovator in St.Petersburg!

Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea, the most advanced countries in the field of electronics, are  our first clients. Today, partners of Vibro-Laser can be counted on the fingers of two hands and on toes of two feet. Tomorrow,  we will need your fingers and toes to count.  

Polosa Chastot
Polosa Chastot

You may have my guarantee that each of you has faced the problem of bad mobile communication regardless of operators. One day I decided to stop being tolerant of this situation and arrived at a solution. The engineer’s diploma and experience in designing equipment for atomic power stations made their presence felt.

As it turned out, additional equipment for cellular signal amplification

could be installed (at that moment) only by cellular service operators. However, since December 2012, the situation changed and such equipment was allowed to be privately installed.

In the first place, I addressed the problem of mobile communication at my home, then at homes of my relatives and acquaintances. In such a manner, an idea appeared of creating a business in this field.

The Polosa Chastot company  was opened in December 2013. I invested around 500 thousand roubles from my own funds into this project.

Now the company is developing compact capsular packages for a self-contained unit designed for a great number of typical versions that are in demand in the market, with these packages being provided with detailed instructions on how to install our system.

Thanks to rich experience and knowledge in this field, we receive  acknowledges from people who made use of our services or were able to independently install our system according to our recommendations.

Among our clients are CJSC  PA “Renascence“, LLC “Mavis”, LLC “Petersburg construction company”, CJSC “Tikhvin complex timber industry enterprise”,  CJSC “Kamenogorsk  non-metallic  integrated plant”, the retail chain LLC “Velodrive”, the clinics of  Osteomed.

We are happy to be useful to private persons as well. We’ll do our best for you to be heard!

Home ventilation DomVent
Home ventilation DomVent

I have never thought of myself as being an entrepreneur. In 2009, I had a promising  job in a bank, earned good money and was satisfied with life. However, the situation suddenly changed as often happens with many people: during a regular flat renovation, there were installed glass units that began sweating and collecting the condensate. It became a real problem as I had a baby and there was no possibility to constantly have an airing in the flat.

Just then, an idea came to my mind of making an air-exhaust valve that would make it possible to air the flat without opening the window.

Thus appeared the DomVent company, and we, since 2010, have been engaged in producing and installing  natural ventilation systems in premises. We succeeded in achieving freshness, comfortability and the absence of noise and draughts in a premise without loss of warmth as in case of airing. The level of CO2 comes to normal, putting away the problem of stuffiness and  mildew with condensate  on the windows. Thus, natural inflow exhaust ventilation is restored in the flat without being disturbed due to  hermetically sealed glass units.

Nearly after the company foundation, we became residents with the First St. Petersburg business incubator. Over that time, we managed to come from an idea to a steady production company, and now we deliver our products all over Russia and to CIS countries.

We have collected prestigious awards: “100 best goods of Russia”, “Innovations in construction”, ‘The exporter of the year” and others.

Our valves are presented at all large shops, such as Petrovich, Leroy Merlin, K-rauta – you must have seen our products there.

In 2018, we will enter the European market with a new brand of Norvind.

Cloud service VirtualPOS
Cloud service VirtualPOS

The idea of introducing cloud technologies into retail sales appeared a long time ago. Even when working on other cloud projects, I was often addressed by clients who would like to use “the cloud” in retailing. But to a certain moment I had had no opportunity to completely meet such demands because of lack of suitable solutions in the market.

And in 2013, the cooperation with a large trading network, who were planning to implement an up-to-date solution at cash desks of their shops, allowed our team to  start developing  this program from the zero level.

As far back as in February 2014, we initiated a beta version of VirtualPos in real shops. By May 2014, a product prototype successfully worked in ten shops of their network, and in a month, the program was installed as a unified cash-desk program in all shops of this network.

And things were off and rolling: in November,  the first successful introduction of VirtualPos into companies specializing in jewelry; in December, the start of official website. This day next year, after the beta version of VirtualPos have been started, we began actively promoting our service through the Internet.

We are actively building up our client base because this market is very huge indeed. Shops account to 90% of retail-sale enterprises. The geography of potential clients comprises the whole of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. At a later stage, an approach to the foreign world sales market is a possibility.

Systems for industrial and counter-terror  security Meteospetspribor
Systems for industrial and counter-terror security Meteospetspribor

The history of Meteospetspribor comes back to the past of St.Petersburg then governed by Anatoly Sobchak. In 1993, the chief engineer of Electron-Standard  Experimental establishment  together with a governmental delegation flied to Vienna to adopt the best practices in supporting small business and to get acquainted with innovation projects in that field.They got acquainted and adopted the practice and came back to Russia in the hope of introducing this European approach and . . . .went on developing and producing  devices and systems for anti-fire and counter-terror  security.

Window to Europe.

In1996, Electron-Standard won a big tender on producing  exhaust gas analyzers , and a team of engineers and scientists flew to France to control the process. To a large extent, this European experience helped the future Meteospetspribor, based on its own ideas, to put into life high-quality products both in terms of design and of hardware components.

Business incubator.

In 2007,  Yemelyan Mikhailovich Gamarts put forward an idea of creating proper production of up-to-date  high-precision instruments and systems for industrial and counter-terror  security. Having rich experience and knowledge in developing the most complicated equipment and a plenty of ideas, the Meteospetspribor company was registered in 2008. Amid the economic crisis, its engineers quickly understood that they could not survive under the then existing market conditions without the State support.

We were literally  saved by the First St. Petersburg business incubator, - says Yemelyan Mikhailovich. A reduced rate  for rent, free-of-charge accounting services, and legal support became a real  Christmas gift.  Of importance for us was the participation in exhibitions where we had an opportunity of presenting our projects to first officials of the city and the country.   

The  Meteospetspribor company was a recipient of the whole programme for State support to small business and spent three happy years (according to their own words) with the First St. Petersburg business incubator.

As of now, the graduates have transformed into a Group of Meteospetspribor  companies with the annual turnover of over 10 mln.roubles. One of the first graduates is engaged in the development and batch production of up-to-date  high-precision instruments and systems for industrial, anti-fire, ecological and counter-terror  security. Among them are immovable and portable  gas analyzers for toxic and explosion-dangerous gases, noise-proof  optical flame detectors, express detectors for explosive, toxic and addictive substances.  

Among the clients of Meteospetspribor  are   “Gasprom”,  “Trasneft”, “Rosatom”, “Lukoil”, “Surgutneftegas”.   A portable express detector   is installed at the Pulkovo international aeroport in St.Petersburg.

Since 2011, the Group of Meteospetspribor companies has been located at the Crystal business centre next to the First St. Petersburg business incubator  and actively participates in measures on maintaining the infrastructure aimed at supporting  business undertakings in St.Petersburg.