Open seminar "PROnegotiations", April 11

Open seminar

Negotiations are a big part of our lives. We face them constantly and everywhere, but not all of them go smoothly and efficiently.

How to become more successful in negotiations? What are the techniques and methods, and most importantly, how to use them correctly? - On these and many other topics will talk at the master class of Alexander Petrov on April 11 in the First city business incubator.

At the master class we:

  • We will analyze "field" negotiation techniques:
  • Sales "through the pain"
  • conflict-Free conversation
  • Read the nonverbal signs
  • Learn techniques "fork" and " funnel"
  • In practice, learn how to set goals in negotiations

Speaker of the seminar – Alexander Petrov, co-founder/ head of ARR-GO group of companies

- 13 years studying psychology

- 12 years in sales

- 8 years in business projects

- co-founder (do complex equity transactions, resolution of conflicts between tenants)

- leads her own show on mediametrics "PRO negotiations"

The master class will be interesting and useful for managers and business owners, managers and employees of sales departments

Date: April 11, Wednesday

Time: from 16.00 to 18.00

Location: the First city business incubator (Sedova street, D. 37, Business center "Crystal", 11th floor, conference room)

Contacts: Anna Ayubi, phone 8-911-786-22-23, (812) 404-43-02



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