Open Seminar master-class "Novice Manager: Practical tools and basic management skills for", June 14

Open Seminar master-class

Have you ever thought about the fact that effective management requires certain managerial competencies?

 In the world there is no leader who would not be faced with various problems of personnel management and such situations as:

The lack of understanding by staff of the tasks:

  • Illiterate or low-quality performance
  • Overdue deadlines
  • Lack of motivation and emotional burnout of the staff
  • Difficulties in training new employees
  • Conflicts within a team...

The success of the enterprise directly depends on how effective a Manager is. In order to become an effective leader, it is first necessary to establish positive relationships with their subordinates. After all, employees are always aware of the difference between a good and a bad boss…

What do you think: "How does a good leader differ from a bad one?»

Knowledge of the main components of the success of the Manager of any level and the use of basic skills in practice - to avoid many mistakes and build a quality professional relationship between management and staff.

  • What skills do you need to have to be a successful leader?
  • What are the functions of an effective Manager?
  • What is the Manager responsible for and what is not?
  • What - should, and what-should not be engaged in the head?
  • How to set tasks so that the result is pleasing?
  • How not to do work for subordinates?
  • How to make employees work in the absence of a Manager?

These are questions that many people ask... And in this training you will get answers to them!

 Also, you will learn how very interesting theoretical information, and get simple, and at the same time very effective practical models of management and communication, which when implemented, we are sure to bring you meaningful results!

 The training will be interesting and useful not only for beginners, but also for managers of any level who want to improve their managerial competencies, which are subordinate to 1 or more people, as well as those who are still thinking about how to link their professional activities with the management of people!


 Director for organizational development of INDAGATE GROUP

 Business coach in the field of management and communication.

 Specialist in the formation of training systems and staff development.

 Date: June 14, Thursday

 Time: from 16.00 to 18.00

Venue: The First St/ Petersburg business incubator (37A Sedova str., Crystal Business center, conference hall on the 11th floor)

 Contact person: Anna Ayubi, tel. 8-911-786-22-23, (812) 404-43-02


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