Open seminar " Creating your own business. Legal advice for a successful start", March 6

Open seminar

The First St. Petersburg business incubator holds a seminar for beginning entrepreneurs and those who are just about to start their own business.

Own business is not only an independence, an opportunity to do what you love and a way of self-realization, but also a high responsibility, and often reckless risks. To avoid gross mistakes, the consequences of which can be extremely unpleasant, you will help the seminar "Creating your own business. Legal advice for a successful start", which will be held by the General Director of the law firm "Northwest legal Alliance" Natalia Guzanova. She will talk about the legal, accounting and General issues faced by entrepreneurs at the initial stage of their careers.

7 questions before starting a business:

  1. What organizational form to choose — sole proprietorship or LLC?
  2. How to choose a legal address?
  3. How to register a company-where to go, how much to pay?
  4. How to allocate the shares among the participants of the business?
  5. What form of taxation to choose?
  6. How to open a current account?
  7. What internal regulations necessary for the conduct of business?

Seminar speaker - Natalia Guzanova

A lawyer with more than 20 years of practice. Director General of the legal company "Severo-the Western legal Alliance". Winner of the award "Influential women of St. Petersburg".

Date: March 6, Tuesday

Time: from 16.00 to 18.00

Location: The First St. Petersbuurg business incubator (Sedova street, D. 37, Business center "Crystal", 11th floor, conference room)

Contacts: Anna Ayubi, tel 8-911-786-22-23, (812) 404-43-02



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