Open master class "Psychological health of an entrepreneur: prevention of stress and burnout", May 17

Open  master class

Entrepreneurs are people who work for wear and tear. There is always something that needs attention, and there is less time for rest. When an emotional burnout happens to people, no one immediately understands what is happening to them and why it happened: the feeling of severe fatigue is not only physical, but also emotional, which does not pass for weeks. It's hard to Wake up in the morning. It is difficult to concentrate on work and deal with important matters.

Burnout and similar exhaustion can not be eliminated by standard methods – a trip on vacation, lots of sleep, rest, as before.

In order not to bring yourself to such States in modern conditions, we invite you to the master class " Psychological health of the entrepreneur: prevention of stress and burnout»


At the master class we:

* Find out why the entrepreneur to take care of psychological health and where to take energy

* Consider the problems of professional burnout, which threatens neuropsychological exhaustion and chronic fatigue syndrome

* Find ways to overcome such conditions, if you hit them. And prevention, not to get into them.

* Consider the basics of psychological hygiene and stress resistance.

* Develop a personal strategy to overcome difficult periods and recuperate.


Speaker of the seminar – Nina Uvarova,

* Psychologist, hypnologist, teacher

* NLP coach

* Author and presenter of unique training programs for working with goals, stress resistance, productive thinking

* Holds a master's degree in psychology

  • Higher education in the field of business communications

* Speaker of conferences and forums

Date: May 17, Thursday

Time: from 16.00 to 18.00

Location: First St. Petersburg business incubator (Sedova street, D. 37, Business center "Crystal", 11th floor, conference room)

Contacts: Anna Ayubi, phone 8-911-786-22-23, (812) 404-43-02




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