Success stories

Nikolay  Dmitriev, General Director of LLC
Nikolay Dmitriev, General Director of LLC "Domvent"
Our company was a First city business incubator's resident from December 2010 till September 2013. During this time our company was able to grow from an idea into a sustainable production company that now supplies its products throughout Russia, not only successfully replacing the imported ones, but also exporting to neighbouring countries.
It is the merit of your business incubator that hosted us and took in her large family, where we received invaluable assistance and support at the difficult early stage of our great journey.
Now we often remember this period and the warm and attentive to us all the members of your wonderful team.
Thank you for your participation in our lives and for all that you do for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Yemelyan Gamarts, General Director of CJSC
Yemelyan Gamarts, General Director of CJSC "Meteospetspribor"

"The global crisis of 2009 hit our small instrument manufacturing company strongly enough. At that time it was very difficult to enter the devices market. And one day driving along the Sedov street, I noticed the sign of the First city business incubator. Same evening I found with all the information about the programm on the Internet and the next day came to the business center "Crystal". Everything else happened very quickly: I wrote the application, business plan, hired a truck, loaded onto cars and moved to a new location. The whole process took about 2 weeks.

Now I realize that it was fate that provided us with an environment that helped us to implement all our ideas, that lived previously only on paper. 


Klim Kiforenko, General Director of JSC
Klim Kiforenko, General Director of JSC "KSK-SYSTEMS"

I want to thank First city business-incubator and its staff for the invaluable support and assistance in the development of our company. Participation in exhibitions and professional trainings in which we participated, has helped us to expand the circle of its clients and partners.

Sure that unique experience and knowledge obtained during his stay in the business incubator will help our company to be successful, both on Russian and foreign markets.


Andrey Kovalev, the founder of LLC  «Smart Consult»
Andrey Kovalev, the founder of LLC «Smart Consult»

Among entrepreneurs there is an opinion that state support for the business is nothing more than populism of politicians. I also thought like this. However, having learned about The First Saint Petersburg business-incubator, I decided to apply.

Impressions? Great! Of course, the most important thing here is subsidies for rent, because at the first stages of the project development it helps to save significant amount of money. In addition, the business-incubator helps with many domestic issues that would otherwise have to be addressed independently. You don't have to worry about cleaning your office or printing out commercial offers. All attention is paid only to the product development and sales.

Over 2 years, the Smart Platform from a newborn startup has turned into a company with a significant turnover and such clients as Ranepa under the President of the Russian Federation, MSU, chamber of Commerce and industry – in these and 70 other organizations we have launched distance learning on the basis of our project. There is still much work to be done, but huge progress is being made, including through the support of the incubator.

Thank you!


Oleg Solomonov, General Director of CJSC
Oleg Solomonov, General Director of CJSC " Home Lights"

CJSC "Home Lights" became the resident of The First Saint Petersburg business-incubator in 2008 and, being there, received direct assistance (subsidies on rent, access to the resources of the BTS equipment...) and moral support.

Thank you! Now we successfully work and  even opened branch in the city of Sevastopol.


Vasily Dyachenko, head of the company LLC
Vasily Dyachenko, head of the company LLC "New Marketing”

Young innovative projects often cannot rent the area they need, because they are just starting their way. Subsidizing rent for such companies is a chance to adapt to the conditions of survival in the business environment.

We got into The First Saint Petersburg business-incubator by accident, actually we saw advertising in the subway. Further events occurred quickly: we contacted by the phone, specified in the announcement, then we presented our business plan and, finally, moved to the business center "Crystal", which became our home for the next 3 years. During this time our team was replenished with new people and continues to expand. Now we have offices in Ukraine, Germany, Poland and Finland.

The Loyalty Factory company grew from zero to a serious business product, which successfully represents Russia in the world market. We are trusted by such Russian and international brands as BURGER KING, KFC, Pizza Hut, Azbuka Vkusa, Goldwell, Teaspoon and more than 400 companies in 7 countries.

The First Saint Petersburg business-incubator is not just about subsidies. These are also professional trainings, sales seminars and a wonderful team. Many thanks to the employees of the incubator, who treated our young team with understanding.

Thank you again!