Incubator services

The basic set of services is available to the residents who enter into the agreement of participating in the program of the first city business incubator and includes the services listed below.

All services listed below are provided to the resident without charge.

  • Lease (sublease) of non-residential premises of the business incubator equipped with furniture, office appliances and air conditioning system;
  • External accounting services;
  • Legal services:
    • drawing-up of model agreements;
    • assistance in execution of applications for credits and bank guarantees;
  • Consulting services in business issues: registration of a legal entity, taxation, accounting, credit granting, legal protection and development of a company, business planning;
  • Consulting services in monitoring and sequence and efficiency analysis of development of market entry strategies of the residents and analysis of companies’ efficiency under the conditions of the real market;
  • Consulting services in working with high-profile customers and participating in procurement of goods, works and services to provide for state and municipal needs;
  • Granting access to information databases necessary for the residents of the business incubator;
  • Marketing and advertising services:
    • PR assistance and promotion;
    • organization of participation in exhibition events;
    • development and production of advertising products;
    • publication of information of the activities of the business incubator and its small business entities in print and electronic media;
    • out-of-home advertising;
  • Searching investors and mediation in establishing contacts with potential business partners;
  • Purchase of specialized printed products;
  • Attracting orders for additional utilization of production capacities of small industrial enterprises;
  • Providing information and resources the processes of introduction of new technologies;
  • Information and resource assistance of current and new small enterprises acting to provide the conditions of introduction of environmentally safe technological processes;
  • Preparation of investment offers to attract investments, including using the funds of unit investment funds;
  • Technical assistance services for industrial projects (planning, conceptual study to produce a prototype and the first small batch of products, industrial product design and other services for preparation of production of new products);
  • Assessment of long-term benefits of small business entities in respect to their readiness for realization;
  • Expert assistance services for projects of small business entities involving a special expert team;
  • Services of monitoring the development of projects of small business entities, development of recommendation and taking measures aimed at project development;
  • Post and secretary services.